carpenter workingA handyman can be an incredible resource to help you complete your home to-do list, no matter how big or small. They can help with projects in all areas of the home, from the kitchen to bathroom plumbing, even windows, and doors.

Here are just some examples of projects a handyman or woman might be able to assist with:


Plumber at workHandymen can help with a myriad of minor plumbing issues, whether in the kitchen or bathroom. While some larger projects require a professional license, a handyman can usually help with the everyday issues that can prove trouble for your average homeowner.

  • Faucet replacement or repair – Whether you’re replacing hardware or fixing a leak, a handyman can help to improve form and function.
  • Toilet clogs or other repairs – Ever had a toilet that won’t stop running? A handyman can fix that, or any other clogs or leaks that may come up.
  • Drain repair – If your drain is slow, clogged, or something went down that shouldn’t have, a handyman can help.
  • Other minor leaks or plumbing problems


electrician at workA handyman can also help you to install lighting fixtures, and fix minor electrical problems.

  • Outlet/Fixture installation – If you’re replacing an existing lighting fixture, a handyman can help you out. A handyman can also help out to set up wiring to an outlet.
  • Light Switches – A handyman can also install light switches for the new fixtures, or repair switches that aren’t working correctly.
  • Smart Home – Some handymen are well versed in smart home technology, and can help sync your device to smart technology throughout the home for convenient automation. (i.e. lights, thermostat, locks)
  • • TV Installation – Between the technological set-up and the physical installation of the television either into a wall unit or on a wall mount, a handyman can help. A handyman can also help you to sync up a sound system or other home entertainment accessories.

In the Home

Aside from basic plumbing and electrical work, a handyman can help you with some renovation projects and even with your choice of decor.

  • Drywall/Insulation – A handyman can help you to hang or remove drywall from your home. A handyman or woman could also help you with your insulation, whether blown or batt.
  • Furniture – If you’re buying new furniture for your home, a handyman can sometimes act as a short-term mover, helping you to transport it safely and without damage. He or she could also help you to assemble a piece of furniture, or repair one that’s damaged or wobbly.
  • Tile – Whether in the kitchen or the bathroom, some handymen have experience with tile. He or she can help to grout a floor, hang a backsplash, or even remove unwanted tile surfaces.
  • Cabinets – Many handymen have experience hanging cabinetry. Whether you’re just looking for a new choice of stain or coat of paint, or if you’re completely renovating your kitchen, a handyman can meet your needs.
  • Molding/Trim – Many handymen have extensive carpentry experience, and he or she can help you to install a trim or even crown molding, whether in one room or the whole house.
  • Fireplace – A handyman can help with a fireplace in several different ways. First, if it’s crafted using stone or brick, many handymen have masonry experience. Also, a handyman or woman can assist with cleaning to ensure the fixture runs safely.
  • HVAC – Heating and air conditioning systems can be troublesome and expensive if not functioning correctly. A handyman or woman can help you to install central air conditioning, repair an existing air conditioner that’s not working. And come wintertime, a handyman can give your heating system and tune up to make sure you and your family stay warm from the cold!
  • Mold/Pest Removal – While you might not think to call a handyman for a pest problem, there’s plenty of professionals who can help out with cleaning and/or extermination when necessary. And although there’s no price on peace of mind in these types of situations, a handyman or woman can usually help at a more affordable rate.


A handyman’s capabilities aren’t just limited to inside the home. There are several outdoor projects that can also fall under a handyman’s jurisdiction.

  • Window/Doors – A handyman can help you install new windows, repair old panes, or even help you get sliding glass doors. One can also help you get an old door off its hinges, and replaced with one that matches your taste.
  • Security System – They can help you set up home surveillance technology by setting up cameras, motion sensors, and alarm systems both in and outside your home.
  • Garage Doors – They can also set up or repair electronic garage doors.
  • Sprinkler System – A handyman can help you install a sprinkler system, set up a timer for automatic use, and repair any issues that may come up over time.
  • Roofing – Not only can a handyman fix a leaky roof or repair shingles, but some are also qualified to install solar panels to help make your home more economically and energy efficient.
  • Swimming Pools – You can call a handyman to install both above and below ground pools. A handyman can also repair and torn lining, filter issues, or other common problems that plague pool or spa owners.
  • Landscaping – They can help boost your curb appeal by working with you on landscaping, whether that’s specifically focused on planting or tree removal or with other elements. For instance, you can get some help with installing a new barbecue pit or outdoor grill.
  • A handyman’s experience with electronics and plumbing could even help you create a unique water feature in your yard. Plus, they can help you with one of the most dreaded chores: cleaning out the gutters.
  • Patio – A handyman can help you to build or repair a deck as well as with the painting or staining that may come along with the project. Some handymen and women have experience with stonework, as well as with fencing.


We’ve talked about mostly standard installation, removal, or repair jobs, but there are several other services a handyman or woman can provide that go beyond what you might expect. Let’s take a closer look at some of those options:

  • Home Inspection/Appraisal – No matter if you’re buying or selling, you might be surprised to know that some handymen can help you to appraise or inspect your current or prospective home. With extensive knowledge of local codes and regulations, a handyman can make sure you are living in a home that’s safe and avoiding any headaches that could pop up down the road.
    Plus, if he or she has been helping you with some renovation projects, they can give you a good estimate of the value said projects add to your home’s overall selling power.
  • Living modification – Sometimes, life circumstances change and you may need to adapt and make changes to make sure your home still suits your needs. For example, handymen can help to childproof your home or make it more accessible for a wheelchair, or for senior living.
  • Energy Efficiency – As previously mentioned, a handyman can utilize his or her knowledge on various fixtures and materials to make sure your home runs efficiently. Whether that’s based on the type of windows installed, types of lighting fixtures, or installing solar panels on the roof, a handyman can help you save money on your power bill, and be a little greener in the process.
  • Cleaning – A handyman’s services can also crossover into other parts of your to-do list, like cleaning, organizing, and tidying. A handyman could use their carpentry skills to build a closet installation for organizing. Or, you could hire a handyman to clean your home or office. They could even help you during the moving process to make sure you’re settling into a clean home, and leaving no mess when you move out.

If you can believe it, this list merely scratches the surface of all the projects a local handyman can help within your home. Handymen have the skills to work on many other renovation and repair ideas.

Regardless of how long you may have put off a project, or how long your to-do list is, a handyman can help. Use our platform to find your expert handyman who will align with your needs. You’ll be able to easily compare the various services and get an affordable quote for your project.