Top 3 Handyman Services Platforms in New York

a man with toolsHandyman repair service platforms can quickly connect you with an expert handy man nearby for hire. Whether you need help with general home maintenance, or you have electrical issues, or the outside of your house needs a little upkeep done, handymen can help you accomplish it. Handyman service platforms can simplify the process and get you the home repair assistance you’re looking for.

Is there something that needs repairing in your home or office? Do you constantly procrastinate on these handymen tasks because they’re time consuming and you’re not sure you could do a great job?

In large cities like New York, the demand for reliable home services is ever increasing, and these platforms help customers connect with professionals.

Whether you’re looking for help in Brooklyn, or a handyman service in Rochester, NY these top 3 platforms connect you with the best handyman services in New York.

Home Advisor

Home Advisor has become more well known lately through word of mouth and advertising campaigns. This service is entirely free to the customer; the handyman or company pays the fee instead.

Home Advisor even has a tool that allows you to plan out the timeline and cost of longer-term home improvement projects.

In addition to connecting you with handyman services, they can also help connect you with home service professionals such as landscapers, drywall installation, fence repair and installation, garage door repair, and more.

When you select your location areas and the repair or home help your family needs, you’ll get to compare quotes from up to 4 professionals that are screened and qualified to assist you with your project.

Home Advisor makes sure all the professionals you’re connected with are screened for background checks, both financial and criminal. They ensure that all home repair professionals meet the qualifications to provide the quality of services expected from their customers.

They also have professionals that provide more than handyman services such as exterior repairs and door sealing and improvement, you can also schedule one of their registered workers for technical and computer assistance and repair.

Home Advisor has been around since 1998 and includes over 100,000 verified contractors, handymen, and repair professionals within their network.


TaskRabbit can connect you with a handyman service in New York City with a diverse set of skills for just about any task you need help with. Their workers and contractors are considered ‘taskers’ and these taskers can help you with more than a few things around your house or apartment. Their taskers have experience with everything from furniture assembly to helping you move into your new place. They even have taskers ready to assist with regular cleaning when you need it.

Do you need help dragging up those heavy boxes from the basement? They have a tasker you can connect with to help with that. When you select the task or home repair you need help with, TaskRabbit gives you a price range for those services in your area, so you know you’ll be able to find an affordable handyman.

You don’t have to schedule a long time before you need the services complete either, in many or most cases you can get skilled handyman assistance the very same day.

The TaskRabbit blog is also designed to help homeowners and apartment dwellers alike with plenty of tips and tutorials for everything from upcycling furniture for your home to tips for a successful game day gathering.

TaskRabbit was created from the need to get freelancing helpers to assist with projects that homeowners may not have the time for (such as running errands or cleaning), or tasks that the customer may not have the skills to complete on their own (such as furniture assembly or lighting installation).

They currently claim tens of thousands of registered taskers in their network, and all taskers have to undergo a background check before they can join and be contacted by customers for their offered services. TaskRabbit also has a full IKEA furniture assembly service, compliments of the company’s acquisition by IKEA in 2017.


Porch has a rather comprehensive business strategy in regards to connecting you with a good handyman, and all the other commercial services you’ve been meaning to get done. You can schedule project assistance for everything from small handyman repair jobs, like fixing that leaky bathroom sink, or larger scale construction projects.

When you book your handyman service, you have several options.

You can select a single repair job, and pay per job, but you can also schedule multiple jobs (such as cleaning, moving and electrical and carpentry jobs) to take place at one time and then pay a simple hourly rate for all the work being done, rather than having to have handyman companies come back again at another date.

This handyman service platform also does offer what many others do not: a guarantee on all work done by handymen and contractors found through their service.

Porch was created by a homeowner seeking a platform to find handymen and home repair professionals, so it’s been designed to fit the needs of the busy homeowner that wants to quickly and efficiently find the best help for their home projects.

They currently count over 300,000 handymen and professionals among those in their network across the country. Porch also partners with large businesses such as Lowe’s and Pottery Barn to better deliver fulfillment services seamlessly to customers. They currently offer about 160 services through their platform.

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